We are building cutting-edge apps that solve complex problems with simple solutions

We are a team of professional designers and developers consulting, designing, building, deploying, and maintaining robust and scalable software solutions.

Our services

We provide product consultation, design, app development, and maintenance support services by studying the market and customers to boost your business.

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Product consultation

We help to identify and gather the requirements and estimation. We help choose the best possible technical stack, architecture, development methodologies, testing approaches to ensure security, scalability, future maintainability, and overall technical quality.

App designer designing a product

Product design

We help to design products by analyzing the market needs and customer preferences. We help identify new opportunities, improve existing features and functionalities, gather potential users' feedback, convert the requirements to wireframes, prototypes, and user-friendly interfaces.

Software developer developing an app using design

App development

We help to develop robust applications with the latest technologies by writing clean, self-explanatory, and maintainable code and choosing a scalable architecture. We follow best development practices such as test-driven development, agile methodologies, and peer reviews.

Technical support engineer gathering requirements and providing maintenance support

Maintenance support

We provide support for future releases such as validating and implementing new features and functionalities, improving and rectifying existing features, refactoring the current codebase for future maintainability, implementing continuous integrations, and scaling services.

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We build cutting-edge apps for the web, mobile (Android and iOS) and desktop (Windows, Mac, and Linux) platforms.

App development service for the web platform


App development service for the android mobile platform


App development service for the ios mobile platform


App development service for the linux desktop platform


App development service for the mac desktop platform


App development service for the windows desktop platform



We are a team of professional and passionate designers and developers who are up-to-date with technologies and trends.

We have been helping our happy clients to grow their businesses since 2015 by providing consultation, designing, building, deploying, and maintaining robust and scalable applications for web, mobile, and desktop platforms using the latest technologies.

"Work together, build together, success together."

Codewaft founders Renjith and Rahul

Codewaft founders Renjith and Rahul

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