Things to Consider Before Hiring App Development Company

Customer preparing a checklist to hire an app development companyPhoto by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Nowadays we can see a tremendous increment of app users because of the incrementing accessibility of the internet to everyone. Because of this reason companies are also considering app development as a marketing strategy to reach more customers to boost their sales.

This leads to the high demand for app designers and developers in the industry and app development companies are arising according to that to fulfill the demands in the market.

In the near future, the accessibility of the internet will increase and everyone will have access to free high-speed internet and free access to the internet will be a fundamental right of a person. So there’s no doubt the internet will own businesses more powerful than ever in the near future and all the businesses will be fully digitalized in order to stay in the market.

If you are going to build an app for your startup or an active business, it’s better to hire a professional app development company rather than hire freelance designers and developers individually. Because in the app development process coordination and collaboration between the team members are very important to produce a stable and effective end product.

Before you hire an app development company you must have a general idea about the app development process if you're going to be involved in the project management process. Otherwise, it will face trouble when selecting the right app development company.

Choosing the right team for developing your app is crucial. So it’s important you have to acquire knowledge of the basic app development process and its technical things to effectively hire an app development company and build a successful product with them.

Because of tremendous advances in technology these days an app development company can easily develop and launch an app. So developing an app is not the key part, it’s the quality of the solution. The key part is to design and develop an effective, customer-accepted, and successful end product.

If you succeed in choosing the right app development company they will help you to build an effective end product by designing the app features and functionalities by highlighting and concentrating your business process and targeted market.

And it’s always better to choose a development company that provides full services such as both product and technical consultation, project management, designing of product, architecture, and database, wireframing and prototyping of user interfaces, frontend and backend developments, testing, and future maintenance and support.

Know the app development company

If you found an app development company, the first thing you should do is to find their contact information from their website and share a brief of your project, and schedule a meeting with them. It’s always better to prefer a video or audio call with the company instead of discussing the project details through mail or any text messaging platform to save a lot of time and to have a productive conversation.

Always prefer the initial project discussion meeting to know the app development company, their team, their work culture, and their past experiences before you get into the details of your project.

And after that, you can share more details about the project to let the team know what’s the business process, approximate budget, aims, and goals. And then get into a detailed discussion of the requirements with the company.

After the project discussion and sharing the business needs, you can ask them to send a proposal with the technologies, architecture, tools, and third-party APIs they are planning to use, technical stack they are preferring, project scopes, and time and cost estimation. And after studying the proposal and analyzing the company background, you can easily make a decision as to whether hire the company for your project or not.

Please make sure the following things come into the process that helps you to effectively hire an app development company and that gives you a hassle-free hiring experience and compelling end results.

Past experience of the app development company

If you are looking for the best app development company, first of all, you have to check their past experience and their knowledge about app development.

It’s always better to hire an app development company that has the experience and that offers services in a wide range of technologies, stacks, and platforms rather than one specific limited field. Because this kind of T-shaped skilled company can help you to design scalable architecture and choose the right technology stack for your app from their experience.

You can also ask for the details of previous projects they worked on. What was the project, which technologies, tools, and third-party APIs and services they used, how much time did it take to complete the project, etc…

Know what technologies and tools they are using

You can ask them about what technologies and tools they are planning to use for your project from planning to testing. A professional app development company uses the suitable latest top-notch technologies and tools to develop an application.

And also they help you to design a simple, secure, and scalable architecture, an effective development plan, time schedule, and recommend productive project management with the help of the best tools and technologies available.

Expected duration of app development

Lack of enough team members results in a long development time. Before handing over the project, you should make sure the app development company has the required number of team members to work on your project.

And please make sure the development company prepared a time estimation based on the project requirements and the number of allotted team members before starting the project. And the time estimation should include each phase of the app development process and the expected start and completion time of each phase.

Please note, it’s always better to don’t change the project scope after starting a development cycle whether it’s a waterfall or agile methodology you are using for your project. Because it impacts productivity, time estimation and ends up in negative results.

Know the app development process

Before hiring an app development company you should know what does the company’s development process is. A professional app development company should be well planned and prepared for the development process of each project.

Moreover, you must have knowledge about all these processes, don’t have to be in detail but at least a brief of what will be going on in those phases. So if you have any doubts about any development phases you should clarify them with the team before starting the project.

Because as an owner of the product your involvement in all these app development life-cycles from discussion to production and maintenance is very important to produce expected results with the development team.

Here’s a common app development process most of the companies follow whether they are using waterfall or agile methodology.

  • Research, gather requirements, and planning
  • Wireframe the concept
  • Prototype the app
  • Design the user interface
  • Develop the app
  • Test and debug
  • Deploy to production
  • Maintain and support the app

Proper communication with the development team

Your involvement in developing the app is very important. You have to keep the communication throughout the process of development of the app and provide feedback to the development team.

If you are not interacting with the development team in each development life-cycle and not giving proper coordination, then it's not possible to develop the right app as per your expectation.

It’s recommended to do a quick meeting with the team every day and a weekly meeting to analyze the past week's progress. You can reduce the time of development by avoiding unintentional misplanning in the process because of the lack of proper communication.

Agreement and code ownership

It’s highly recommended you should sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with the app development company to work with them without worrying about stealing your confidential data, content, or the project source code.

Code ownership should always belong to you when working with a company. If you have ownership of the source code, you don’t have to be fully dependent on the app development company. And in the future, you can continue the development and maintenance of the project with another company if you want to if you have the ownership.

Nowadays app development companies manage source codes of their projects using source code management tools like GitHub. So you can ask safely for the ownership of the source code through these platforms and you can have access to up-to-date source code at any time.

Cost of the app development

It’s recommended that you have an approximate budget for developing the app in your mind before you start to approach a development company. So when a company sends you a cost estimation you can ensure that the budget is affordable to you.

You should discuss the cost estimation of the app development before starting working on the project, after sharing the project requirements. The development cost must be negotiated in advance.

It’s recommended to ask the company to send a proposal after sharing the project details, with the details of specification requirements, time and cost estimation, development phases, technologies, tools, and third-party dependency services.

Work only on wireframes at first

Wireframing is essential in app development. It gives you and the development team a clear understanding of the requirements before starting the development. The wireframes are helpful and reduce the time required for the process of designing user interfaces and then converting it into prototypes.

It’s recommended to avoid hiring the app development company to do the entire project at first if you didn’t have previous experience with them. It’s better to hire only for wireframing before giving the project. So you can see the work culture of the company and know how the team gathers and interprets your requirements and converts them into problems and then solutions.

Thereby you will get a chance to make the decision, either hand over the project to that app development company or go for another better service.

Testing process of app

After the design and development of the app, a professional app development company will test the entire application before going to production deployment. Some of the companies will have a dedicated testing team to test the app from automated testing to user acceptance tests. Then the app development team will debug it and it will be ready for production deployment.

You can ask what kind of testing approaches the app development company is planning to do on your project before you start the project. It’s recommended to ask about implementing an automated testing mechanism to your project so you can deploy the app to production with confidence and save a lot of time spent on manual testing in each release.

Maintenance and support of the app

After the successful deployment of an app, you will have to take care of its maintenance too. There will be bugs and issues even after deploying the app to production. Also, you might have to update the existing features and functionalities according to end users’ feedback and reviews for better usability and user engagement.

You should ask the app development company if they provide maintenance of the app after the launch. It’s recommended to choose a company for your app development project who provides maintenance too. Because taking up an existing project for another company is a time-consuming process.

Customization of app

If there is a change in the business process or need more functionalities in the future, you will have to do customization on the app according to that. So you can reach out to the app development company for customization with the new requirements.

We recommend you discuss the customization process in advance and clarify how they provide maintenance and customization services. It’s recommended to choose a company for your app development project who provides future customization services too.


Software applications reduce human time and effort, and this will increase the profitability of the business.

Before planning to develop an app, you must try to learn the basic technical aspects of app development. App development is not only the work and effort of the development team but also the person behind the plan too.

If you want to develop the best app for your business, you should hire the best app development company first. Consider the above points before hiring an app development company to select the right development team for your business or startup.

For the long run of your app, you should maintain and update the app based on customer feedback and changes in the business process in the future. And it’s recommended to keep the app development company that helped to develop and maintain the app as a development partner.

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