Why You Need Custom Software to Boost Your Business Growth

Potential customers studying about needs of custom software development to boost business growthPhoto by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

What is Custom Software

Custom software is software that is designed and developed for a client based on their specific needs. Custom software development aims at a narrow solution using a set of well-defined requirements for a specific business process.

The main advantage of using custom software is that it gives exactly what a customer wants to improve productivity, cut down unwanted stages and costs, and thereby increase profit and boost their business growth.

Another major advantage of using custom software is scalability along with the business. It gives the ability to implement custom requirements on the software anytime as per the changes of business strategies and processes in the future.

Developing custom software was affordable only for large businesses in the past decade. But now the situation is changed because of drastic advances in technology in past years.

Nowadays even small businesses can afford to develop custom software for their specific needs more than ever by cutting down development time and costs by using the latest technologies.

What is Generic Software

Generic software is software that is designed and developed for many clients to meet their common requirements. That means generic software commonly solves widespread problems that face an industry or a usual business process.

Generic and ready-made software is mainly filled with many features and functionalities that a customer doesn’t even need for their business. There will be a learning curve and mostly it will be a nightmare for employees using this kind of cumbersome platform. And sometimes these impact productivity and end up in negative results.

Another main disadvantage of using generic software is the customer should strictly follow a business process that is predefined in that generic software’s workflow. So when using generic software there will have no room to fulfill their specific needs.

In fact, generic and ready-made software will be less suitable for unique business needs and demands. On the other hand, custom software provides a tailor-made solution that meets the requirements and solves exact problems.

Impact of Custom Software on Business Growth

Digitalizing a business process partially or fully using custom software will give a tremendous positive impact on business growth. The result can be seen in the business within days after starting to use it and drastic changes can be reflected in the business in the long run.


Using custom software for reducing the manual workload of a business process will cut down unnecessary phases, override repetitive stages and automate routine tasks.

Thereby it helps to reduce a drastic amount of human effort, cost, and time. It organizes the process, enforces an effective workflow, and provides a productive work environment for employees.


As we have seen, the business process will become more organized and optimized after using custom software. It reduces human efforts, saves time, and cuts down unnecessary expenses.

So obviously the changes will be visible in increasing profitability of the company in both short terms and in the long run. This is one of the main reasons for implementing custom software in business considering it as an effective investment.


When using generic ready-made software the customers don’t have the option to scale up the solution as per their needs. Because it is developed as a solution for a widespread problem and the customers don’t have control over modifying or extending functionalities.

But in custom development approaches the customer will have the ability to modify existing functionalities and extend the solution with new functionalities at any time as per the requirement changes in the future. In short, custom software can scale along with the business.


Commonly generic software platforms provide services on a subscription basis. And these platforms provide pricing plans for their services based on the number of employees, licenses, or resources used. Some platforms have separate plans for support too.

So when your business scales or uses the platform for the long term it will be costlier for you to run the business by depending fully on these platforms. And price hikes on these platforms are also leading to a problem in the future.

On the other hand, developing custom software will be more affordable in the long run. Because after the one-time development cost, there will have no hidden costs, you only have to spend a reasonable and predictable charge for maintenance.


It’s not reliable to fully depend on ready-made software. One of the main reasons is it’s hard to get support from these providers and most of the time the support replies are beating around the bush.

Even if it’s a valid concern it takes time to get resolve some problems you are reporting to them. Sometimes they reject our concerns if the issue you reported can not be considered or prioritized as a generic issue that faces a majority of the users who use these platforms.

In custom software’s case, you’ll have the absolute advantage to modify and extend the platform anytime as per your needs without any unnecessary trouble or unreasonable delays.


When using custom software the company can implement and modify security layers as per their needs based on their business process and requirements. For example, geo-blocking. Geo-blocking restricts users from accessing services based on their geographical location.

Data protection

After the drastic moving of businesses into paperless and digital the data leak from a business is a major security problem. And to keep business data securely is necessary for a company. Therefore storing a business’s data to third-party software services can’t be considered reliable.

If there’s a data breach happens to these third-party services, the confidential data of your business will be disclosed to potential competitors and hackers. And it'll lead to major security problems, revenue loss, legal issues, and damage to the brand reputation of your business.

By using custom software the company can keep security as a top priority, avoid unauthorized access of data, direct data breaches and ensure data protection.

Why Should a Business Need Custom Software

A well-designed custom software solution can play an important role in the growth of a business. Here are some reasons why should a business need custom software:

  • Business is outgrown and you are struggling to scale the workflow according to that.
  • Existing software doesn't fit your business process anymore.
  • Current software is becoming hard to maintain.
  • To enforce an efficient, productive, and cost-effective workflow.
  • To build secure, stable, and scalable software.
  • For competitive advantages in the market.
  • Automation of repetitive tasks and daily routines.
  • Reduce unnecessary stages in the business process.

A Quick Case Study

Imagine you are an owner of a restaurant and you are currently managing reservations via calls and recording the reservations and customer details manually. And every weekend you are calling customers individually and letting them know the promotional offers.

Here you have a requirement of custom software for managing your business, to manage reservations, contacts, and promotions.

After analyzing your business the development team gathered the requirements.

The requirements you have for customers are:

  • Ability to customers to view the menu
  • Reserve table according to availability slots.
  • Send reminders to customers via email, SMS, or voice call.
  • Opt-in their contact to promotional messages.

The requirements for administrators are:

  • Ability to manage reservations.
  • Receive email or SMS notifications when there is a new reservation.
  • Broadcast promotional messages to customers.

After developing a custom software based on these specific requirements:

  • You don’t have to attend every call and assist the customers to reserve tables anymore.
  • You’ll be notified when there’s a new reservation.
  • You don’t have to spend time manually recording and managing the reservation and contact details.
  • You don’t have to call each customer individually every weekend and let them know the offers.

In fact, all these processes are automated using custom software designed for your specific business needs. This simple business digitalization organizes the business process, boosts productivity, and gives a tremendous positive impact on reducing resources, time, and cost in the long run.


If you are looking for software that fits your specific business needs, go for custom software development. There’s no better time to start to consider custom software in business as an investment than ever. Custom software helps to reduce unnecessary stages in your business process, reduce human efforts, cut downtime and expenses.

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